high availability and disaster recovery concepts design implementation pdf

High Availability And Disaster Recovery Concepts Design Implementation Pdf

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This chapter describes the MarkLogic features that provide high availability and disaster recovery. The main topics are as follows:. MarkLogic supports online backups and restores, so you can protect and restore your data without bringing the system offline or halting queries or updates. Backups are initiated via administration calls, either via the web console or an XQuery script.

Azure High Availability: Basic Concepts and a Checklist

Book Title. Table of Contents. New Releases Super Savers Bestseller. Search and Find. To Expert Search. Companies and institutions depend more than ever on the availability of their Information Technology, and most mission critical business processes are IT-based. Business Continuity is the ability to do business under any circumstances and is an essential requirement faced by modern companies.

High Availability & Disaster Recovery: Concepts, Design, Implementation

What's new in Storage-based high availability and disaster recovery for PowerHA SystemMirror Enterprise Edition for AIX Read about new or significantly changed information for the storage-based high availability disaster r ecovery topic collection. How to see what's new or changed In this PDF file, you might see r evision bars in the left mar gin that identify new and changed information. Disaster recovery in QRadar deployments Primary QRadar Console and backup QRadar Console Configuring the IP address on the backup console Backup and recovery Event and flow forwarding from a primary data center to another data center Event and flow forwarding configuration Load balancing of events and flows between two sites Restoring. High availability disaster recovery HADR provides a high availability solution for both partial and complete site failures. HADR protects against data loss by replicating data changes from a source database, called the primary database, to the target databases, called the standby databases.

This guide assumes that you already have an understanding of the concepts and practices that are generally required to implement an SAP HANA high-availability system. Therefore, the guide focuses primarily on what you need to know to implement such a system on Google Cloud. The following tables describe SAP and Google Cloud features that are used to provide high availability. Compute Engine monitors the state of the underlying infrastructure and automatically migrates your instance away from an infrastructure maintenance event. No user intervention is required.

K. Schmidt. High Availability and Disaster Recovery. Concepts, Design, Implementation. ▷ Presents all technologically relevant aspects of high availability and.

Disaster recovery

High Availability HA provides a failover solution in the event a Enterprise Control Room service, server, or database fails. Disaster Recovery DR provides a recovery solution across a geographically separated distance in the event of a disaster that causes an entire data center to fail. We do not provide an internal HA or DR solution. Rather the Automation Anywhere components and configuration leverage your existing HA and DR infrastructure, load balancing, and failover systems to protect your bots and related data.

Disaster recovery is possible when you have two identical JSA systems in separate geographic environments that are a mirror of each other, and data is collected at both sites. Enable disaster recovery DR when you forward live data, for example, flows and events from a primary JSA system, to a parallel system at another site. Forwarding data uses off-site forwarding , which is set up on both the primary and secondary deployments. You can set up disaster recovery with deployments that are in different geographical locations. Primary JSA console and backup console --A hardware failure solution, where the backup console is a copy of the primary server, with the same configuration.

High Availability and Disaster Recovery - Concepts, Design, Implementation

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This Product. Alibaba Cloud infrastructure is distributed in different regions and zones around the world. A region is a physical location in the world where Alibaba Cloud infrastructure is deployed.

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