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Influence Of Heredity And Environment On Human Development Pdf

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Developmental psychology seeks to understand the influence of genetics nature and environment nurture on human development. Evaluate the reciprocal impacts between genes and the environment and the nature vs. Developmental psychology is the scientific study of changes that occur in human beings over the course of their lives.

Genetic and Environmental Influences on Cognition Across Development and Context

Like most aspects of human behavior and cognition, intelligence is a complex trait that is influenced by both genetic and environmental factors. Intelligence is challenging to study, in part because it can be defined and measured in different ways. Most definitions of intelligence include the ability to learn from experiences and adapt to changing environments. Elements of intelligence include the ability to reason, plan, solve problems, think abstractly, and understand complex ideas. Many studies rely on a measure of intelligence called the intelligence quotient IQ. Researchers have conducted many studies to look for genes that influence intelligence.

Human Growth and Development

Today, researchers generally agree that heredity and environment have an interactive influence on intelligence. Many researchers believe that there is a reaction range to IQ, which refers to the limits placed on IQ by heredity. Heredity places an upper and lower limit on the IQ that can be attained by a given person. Despite the prevailing view that both heredity and environment influence intelligence, researchers still have different opinions about how much each contributes and how they interact. Family studies, twin studies, and adoption studies, however, are not without problems. See pages —38 for more information about the drawbacks of such studies. Estimates of the heritability of intelligence vary, depending on the methods used.


After reading this article you will learn about the Role of Heredity and Environment in Personality Development of Human:- 1. Meaning of Heredity 2. Mechanism of Heredity 3. Meaning of Environment 4.

However, population-level estimates of heritability potentially mask marked subgroup differences.

Role of Heredity and Environment in Personality Development

A notion that was widespread among pioneer biologists in the 18th century was that the fetus, and hence the adult organism that develops from it, is preformed in the sex cells. Some early microscopists even imagined that they saw…. Cognitive or behavioral characteristics that are entirely under genetic control would be predicted to be the same, or concordant, in monozygotic twins, who share identical…. Through extensive observation and experimentation, biologists have come to recognize that the argument is futile. Ultimately, both are important, and the interesting questions lie in how genetic predisposition and the environment interact.

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The biological or psychological characteristics which are transmitted by the parents to their off-springs are known by the name of heredity. Heredity is, in other words, a biological process of transmission of certain traits of behaviour of the parents to their children, by means of the fertilized egg. Heredity traits are innate; they are present at birth. The human individual is the progeny of two parent cells that come together when a male sperm fertilizes a female egg. The chromosomes contain chemical substances called genes. These basic substances, chromosomes and genes determine characteristics of the individual.

The Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute

Heredity And Environment

Essential Psychology pp Cite as. The interaction of a biological structure with an environment in which to function is a necessary prerequisite for the production of behaviour. Without a biological structure no behaviour is possible; without an environment which provides the stimulation and the context, no response can be displayed. Each of us is a unique person, an amalgam of inherited genetic material and environmental influences. A basic theme and controversial issue throughout the history of psychology has been the debate and investigation of the relative roles of heredity and environment in the creation of individual differences. Despite beliefs that men ought to be born equal they are not. Every person possesses a unique set of genetic material endowing them with variations in aptitude, physical development, and capacities, which in turn are acted on by their interpretation of unique environmental experiences some of which even influence the organism prenatally.

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Heredity versus environment

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