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Electromagnetic Radiation And Health Pdf

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Electromagnetic Fields

Electromagnetic fields EMF have been implicated to influence a range of bodily functions. Given their ubiquitous nature, widespread applications, and capability to produce deleterious effects, conclusive investigations of the health risks are critical. Accordingly, this paper has been constructed to weigh the bioeffects, possible biointeraction mechanisms, and research areas in bioelectromagnetics seeking immediate attention. The several gaps in the existing knowledge do not permit one to reach a concrete conclusion but possibility for harmful effects cannot be underestimated in absence of consistent findings and causal mechanisms. Several studies with appropriate methodologies reflect the capacity of electromagnetic radiations to cause adverse health effects and there are several credible mechanisms that can account for the observed effects. Hence, need of the hour is to activate comprehensive well-coordinated blind scientific investigations, overcoming all limitations and demerits of previous investigations especially replication studies to concretize the earlier findings. Furthermore, appropriate exposure assessment is crucial for identification of dose-response relation if any, and the elucidation of biological interaction mechanism.

Electromagnetic fields EMF are ubiquitous in modern society. It is well known that exposure to strong fields can result in acute effects, such as burns; the mechanisms behind such effects are well established. There is, however, also a concern that long-term exposure to weak fields might have health effects due to an as-yet unknown mechanism. Because of the already widespread exposure, even small health effects could have profound public health implications. Comprehensive research efforts are therefore warranted, and are indeed ongoing. The strongest evidence for health risks is from exposure to fields generated in connection with use of electric power.

Submit an online complaint. Report a foodborne illness. If you are using an earlier version of Adobe Acrobat Reader 4. Please Click Here. Radiation Certification: Certification or permit as required by the State Radiologic Health Branch for who is allowed to supervise and operate an X-ray machine.

Health Implications of Electromagnetic Fields, Mechanisms of Action, and Research Needs

There are no U. Federal standards limiting residential or occupational exposure to electric and magnetic fields EMF from power lines. However, some states have set standards for transmission line fields. Return to Frequent Questions about Radiation Protection. Contact Us to ask a question, provide feedback, or report a problem.

Electric and magnetic fields EMFs , also called radiation , are areas of energy that surround electrical devices. Everyday sources of EMFs include. Some people worry about EMF exposure and cancer. Some studies have found a link between EMF exposure and a higher risk of childhood leukemia, but other studies have not. Other studies have not found proof that EMF exposure causes other childhood cancers. Studies in adults did not prove that EMF exposure causes cancer. Some people worry that cell wireless phones cause cancer or other health problems.

Electromagnetic Radiation and Human Health : A Review of Sources and Effects By

The most common health hazard of radiation is sunburn , which causes between approximately , and 1 million new skin cancers annually in the United States. Claims of harm from low levels of non-ionizing radiation sometimes described as "electrosmog" are unsupported by science. Dielectric heating from electromagnetic fields can create a biological hazard.

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