sports quiz questions and answers 2017 pdf

Sports Quiz Questions And Answers 2017 Pdf

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Sports Trivia Questions 30 - A selection of questions about sports and athletes. Baseball Trivia Questions 6 - Questions about American baseball.

2017 Quiz – Round 6 – Sport

Holkar Trophy is associated with which sport? Bridge is the ultimate tricky card game that four people can play with a pack of 52 cards. Who is the first Indian woman to win an Asian Games gold in m run. Chinaman bowling is left-arm unorthodox spin, where the bowler spins the ball into a right-handed batsman. In this participants will be in race in rivers.

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Football is one of the popular games and it is played by approx. It has the highest television audience in sports. Here, we are giving 10 GK Questions and Answers on Football in the form of multiple choice question for amateur and sports lovers. Which of the following country won Football world Cup maximum times? Who among the following player scores highest number of goals in Footbal World Cup? Which of the following term is recognised as an early form of football by FIFA? Which of the following country hosted the first Football World Cup?

Read further to important points about recent Sports GK. If you like the article and want to keep it handy, you can download it as PDF. Read the questions carefully and also try to remember them. Who is the first Indian to have won a Gold Medal? Serena Williams equaled which record by winning 22 Grand slams? Roll is in which game? Who died playing Polo?

Here are the best 40 complete free quiz questions for use in your pub quiz, general knowledge quiz in easy to use quiz rounds. You can also contribute by updating new questions or existing question answer s. Google Pay's Go India game has now been extended till December These sports quiz questions and answers are divided into six different rounds: football, golf, cricket, boxing, horse racing and Olympic games. Thanks for Reading.. Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Explorer are different types of what? Quiz Answers.

Important Previous Years Sports GK Questions & Study notes in PDF (SSC, IBPS)

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Sports Quiz 2018-19 GK Games & Sports Ques/Ans (MCQ), Free Online Test

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