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Brijlal And Subrahmanyam Physics Heat And Thermodynamics Pdf

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I'llY:ix r, I at fi.

Thermal Equilibrium and the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics. Heat thermodynamics and statistical physics: for B. Published Last :, 22 December Results 1 - 18 of

Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics

I'llY:ix r, I at fi. Optics for B. Pass, Gendral Suhsidiary , B. Physics for Engineering Entrance Examination'. Dear Studcnls, Beware of. Mony of our best selling titles have been unlawfally lrririlcd b. Your sincere ffirt in this direction may stop pinrcy dnd srovt, intellt:ttuals' rights. The component. LThggripqrtier, gljhejrrdlvi d ual molecul es are t he sam e r'loetulatcs. The force per unit area measures t-he pressure. The mean free path is depindent on tt is pressure of the gas. If the pressure is high the mean free path - is le:le 'ss ind if the pressure is low the mcan free path is more.

As the velocity of the molecule iszr, the time interval between cwo successive impacts on the wall BCIG is. P movi. Thggggllylan be reiiilvEd comPon. Co4;idcr a cub-rqallLesg! OE of side I cm conrainin. The volume of tEe veffiT C -is 13 cc. Let C be the root. It means that the root mean square vclocity of the molecules is also directly proportional to the square root of the absolute. Hencil'the pressure of a nymerically. It means at absolute zero tempcrature, the molecules are in a perfect statL of rest and have no kinetic energ'y.

But beforc the absolute zero tempcrature is reached, all gases change their state to liquids and solids. Thus, from equation ;i , thc mean kinetic cnerg'y of a molecule is directly proportional to the absolute tcmperature of a gas. When the tenpe;ture of the gas ir increased, the mean kinetic energy ofl the moleculcs increases. When heat is withdrawn from a gas, the mean kinctic energy of the moleculer decreases- Thus, at absolute.

I : B'31X I0? This i: Charles' Law. It means that for a given mass of gas, the presurc is dircc4y proportional to its absolute temPerature provided the volume remainr. Let the number of molecules Per cc : 7t Plv. For a unit volume of a gas. Calcul,ate the number of rnoleculee per ce of lhe. H :o,:r1ffi ff :.? Total random kinetic energ. Colculnte the mean bandationol bhetic cnery! Erampte 5' Colculate the lotal ranilom kinetic energy oJ one gram of nitrogen at K.

Total random energy for one gram molecule of nitrogen q. Wilh what speed woulil one grom molecul,e ot orygen at K be moaing in oril,er that the translational, kinetia enegry of its cenlre of mass is equol to the totol ranilom binetic enetgg oJ all, ila molecul,es 2. Molecular wei,ght of ozygen M : Exarople 5' Calculale the temperature at whiah the r.

Tbc total resdom kinotio energy for I gram of a gar h difierun! Tn,rs he energy associated with- each Ew dqgree u? The value of 1 : l'40 has been found to be true experi' mentally for diatomic gases like hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen etc. After each encounter thc. But the root. C remains the same at a fixed temperaare no-t. Thus the value of 1, Ce and Cv can be calculated depending upon the degrees offreedom of a gas molecule'. Consider one gram molecule of gas. Energy associated with I gram molecule of a diatomic gas.

A diatomic gas molecule has two atoms. SuchY molecule has three degrees of freedom of translation anC two degrees of freedom of rotation. Energy associated with each degree of freedom. Here dIV is the number of molecules having velocities between oadc. If the total number of rnolecules is iv, then a fracticn have the comPonents of velocities in r direction in the range. The magnitude oI the Naturc. After-a sbort time, sufficicnt quantity of deporited on the plate Gid;;p.

Th; graph repie The opcning 4-and the slit s. But due to the graviational field, the path ir;-p;;rili". B is-a. Thc detector can be ooved to differeot positions of the wiri. The atoms reaching. Thc verticai height of the derecLor iepresenu the magiitude- of the velocity and the ionization current indicates the- nu-mber of atomr striking.

A graph is drawn betweea the ronlzation current along the y-axis and the vertical height spceC of the atolps of the detector along the c-axis. The velocity iistri. They were asumed to- be geometrical points. A geornetri. But, a molecule has a frnite size though small and mover in the space of the -vlisel containing it. Thc path iourr"a by a moleculo.

B to bc zig-za1 and the free. It'ihc -fi. Lct thc molccules he assumed-ry'be spheres of diaarcter d. A collision betweeo two molecules will'take place if the djstanr:e between the centres of the- two molecules is d. Let m bc the mass of each molecule' Then' 'llllll : P m. He essumed Maxwell derived the exPression,. The root mean square velocity C of a molecule can becalculat'.

The coefficient of ,ir". From equation ddi;, Maxwell's law of distribution of velocitl can be wiitten as. If the gas is not in an equilibrium state, there are three possi' bitiiies occurring singly or jointly. Thus, the atomic heat of solids. In an experiment, lhc aiacceilg o! The denaity ol lhe gaa. Calcalate 1i1 the nean lree path oJ thc molecu,lcs o! Eramptc 5' Calculote the meon lree path of gaa molecvlee o c,tnnrbei of 10'o mm o. Ane ryam molecule. Agro 19? The 2. The density of the guis.

Below the Boyle temperature, the gases are highly compressible and this suggests the eristence of inter-rnolecular attrattions. Q f Corr""tion for Volume. The fact that the molcc.

Thercfoie the corrected volumc of. Also, at high pressure, the rnolecules come closer and the forces of intermolecular attracti'lc are appreciable. Both these far:tors depend on the density of tha. The volume of the sphere of influence. But no the observed fact!. This point is calledthc point of inflexion.

Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics

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Heat and Thermodynamics by Brijlal n Subrahmanyam

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Heat Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics, 3/e

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heat and thermodynamics by brijlal n subrahmanyam

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Heat and Thermodynamics by Brijlal n Subrahmanyam

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