journal of experimental psychology learning memory and cognition pdf

Journal Of Experimental Psychology Learning Memory And Cognition Pdf

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Ansgar Endress.

Publications In Press Leonard, L. Retrieval-based word learning in young typically developing children and children with developmental language disorder I: The benefits of repeated retrieval. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research.

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Journal articles. MacLeod, C. Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology. Zhou, Y. Production between and within: Distinctiveness and the relative magnitude of the production effect.

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Three experiments are reported which investigate the conscious status of subjects during an implicit-memory test. In all experiments the subjects either named each visually presented target item or generated each item from an anagram in a first phase of incidental learning. In a second phase, they were either given a visual word-stem completion task as an implicit-memory test or given a recognition task Experiment 1 , or a cued-recall task Experiments 2 and 3 as explicit-memory tests. Finally, in a third phase the subjects were required to make decisions about the input status i. A generation effect i. Judgments about the input status were more precise, given that items had been consciously recognized or recalled rather than completed.

Google Scholar profile. Boring, M. Continuous decoding of cognitive load from electroencephalography reveals task-general and task-specific correlates. Journal of Neural Engineering. Jonker, T.

Implicit and explicit memory without awareness

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