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Autosegmental And Metrical Phonology Goldsmith Pdf

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Goldsmith , PDF. This book sets out to explain developments in the field of non-linear phonology that have taken place since the mid s. Originally devised to handle tonal phenomena, the approach has been extended to deal with other features whose scope is more than one segment, especially vowel and consonant harmony.

(PDF) Autosegmental And Metrical Phonology

Phonology: critical concepts in Linguistics 3, , The last phonological rule: Reflections on constraints and derivations 21, 60 , Papers from the General Session at the Regional Meeting 21 1 , , Current approaches to phonological theory , ,

As a theory of phonological representation, autosegmental phonology developed a formal account of ideas that had been sketched in earlier work by several linguists, notably Bernard Bloch , Charles Hockett and J. Firth On such a view, phonological representations consist of more than one linear sequence of segments ; each linear sequence constitutes a separate tier. The co-registration of elements or autosegments on one tier with those on another is represented by association lines. There is a close relationship between analysis of segments into distinctive features and an autosegmental analysis; each feature in a language appears on exactly one tier. The working hypothesis of autosegmental analysis is that a large part of phonological generalizations can be interpreted as a restructuring or reorganization of the autosegments in a representation. Clear examples of the usefulness of autosegmental analysis came in early work from the detailed study of African tone languages , as well as the study of vowel and nasal harmony systems.

Autosegmental phonology

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Autosegmental phonology

Professor of the Department of Linguistics. The work is dedicated to Gisela Collischonn in memoriam , admirable phonologist, who so prematurely left us. The eleven chapters that make up the book are structured around six questions 1 :. In the first chapter, Fonologia Estruturalista [ Structuralist Phonology ], by Juliene Pedrosa and Rubens Lucena, the Saussurean concept of langue is seen as a foundation for later formalizations of phonological theories. Specifically, regarding Structuralist Phonology, the authors introduce the founding theorists and the fundamental aspects of the study of a language.

Crossing the Boundaries in Linguistics pp Cite as. Harmony processes characteristically regulate the distribution of a given feature or feature complex in specific, not necessarily contiguous phonemes of a word. For example, in Finnish words the back-front contrast in rounded and in low vowels — but not in nonlow unrounded vowels — agrees with that of the stem, whereas in Navaho words, the contrast of anterior-nonanterior in coronal affricates and continuants — but not in other phonemes — is determined by the last coronal affricate or continuant in the word. Harmony processes fall into two distinct types depending on whether the harmonic features propagate in one direction only, or whether the propagation occurs in both directions.

Alber, Birgit. Clash, lapse, and directionality. Bailey, Todd Mark. Non-metrical constraints on stress.

Harmony Processes

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Autosegmental And Metrical Phonology

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First of all, it is an introduction to autosegmental, metrical, and lexical phonology, '​designed to present the basic ideas of these geometrical models of phonological​.

Autosegmental and metrical phonology
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