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Advances in Landscape Architecture. Identity has always been a popular research subject for various disciplines, such as psychology, philosophy, sociology, human geography and anthropology. However, urbanization and globalization processes, which have caused a rapid change on our environments, have brought the concept of identity on the agenda of planners and designers in the last few decades. The major concern of the identity related research is on the sustainability of place identity. Urbanization and globalization are obviously two major phenomena that affect our social, economic, cultural lives as well as our physical environment.

Landscape and Urban Studies, B.S.

The rapid developments of economy and urbanization bring great pressure to natural environment and resources, which contribute big challenge to sustainable urban development in high-density urban areas like Hong Kong, China and many other Eastern Asia cities. In these areas, protecting natural landscape resources and enhancing visibility to urban spaces and residential zones has become significant in improving the livability of human settlement. This paper presents a new approach in assessing the visual quality in high-density urban environment. GIS is employed as the database and technical platform. A residential development in Hong Kong was used as a case study.

The Concrete Jungle: Study of Urban Landscapes as Environmental Science

By: Vivien Bullen. We've all seen an overgrown, ugly, garbage-filled, vacant city lot at some point in our lives. But it's nothing a little urban landscape design can't fix. Urban landscape design is the act of taking a piece of land, no matter how big, and analyzing, evaluating and beautifying it. All the while, designers must focus on maintaining or increasing functionality and usability for humans and our animal counterparts in a cost effective manner. This is not a simple task.

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The growing importance of our towns and cities means they are now a subject of major academic study - an area that is only expected to grow as we face the issues of a growing population while reducing carbon emissions. Most of the world's population now lives in urban centres and they provide problems and challenges of their own. There are many issues that an Urban Studies Master's student may look at - from concepts of design, social studies in poverty, health and environment, strategic planning and management, or even the history and importance of urban development in order to better provide for our future. As well as looking at individual cities as an environment in itself, studying urban centres as a network can help us understand our social evolution. Graduates in Urban Studies and related subjects go on to work in town planning, GIS and mapping, resource management, non-profit, conservation, building management and infrastructure related roles, as well as sustainability.

Landscape and Urban Planning is a monthly peer-reviewed academic journal published by Elsevier. It covers landscape science including landscape planning , design , and architecture , urban and regional planning , landscape and ecological engineering , landscape and urban ecology , and other practice-oriented fields. The editors-in-chief are Joan I.

Landscape and Urban Planning

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