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Bible And Quran Side By Side Pdf

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While nearly every religion has a text which it considers sacred, not every sacred text is equal in nature, composition, transmission, and use. In the book's thought-provoking, revealing comparison between the Quran and the Bible , Qureshi exposes seven important differences between these texts.

Quran doesn’t tell people to fight any more than Gita, Bible, Torah. Why pick on Muslims

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A short summary of this paper. You might be aware to the controversy of a Wheaton University professor who donned a hijab in solidarity with Muslims, after they faced backlash following the terrorist attacks in Paris. She also was suspended from the school in responsenot for her wearing of the hijab, but for her comments in justification that Muslims and Christians worship the "same God". A few friends wrote to me asking what we believe as Arab Christians who lived for centuries side by side with their Arab Muslims neighbors.

Therefore I found it appropriate to share some of my thoughts concerning this issue. This is a complex question and not easily answered. The issues entailed in this question weigh heavy on our experience as Arab Christians, and yet the issue is rarely addressed explicitly in our daily interactions. This is due to the sensitive nature of Muslim-Christian relationships in our region.

Before going further, it is worth clarifying that the term "we" refers, in my answer, mainly to evangelical community, either at large or in the Middle East. When one examines the relationship between the God of the Bible and the God of the Quran from a purely existential or even "mathematical" perspective, one could easily conclude that we are speaking about the same "deity"; for, after all, there is only one "god.

Muslims as well as Christians believe that God is the creator, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, eternal, and so on. In addition to that, the usage of the name "Allah" adds to the complexity of the question. The Arabic Bible uses the word "Allah" when referring to God. I do not believe Islam "owns" the Arabic language, even though it does dominate. So, "Allah" should not be a "bad" word for Christians. Thus, when interacting with Muslims in our daily life, the word "Allah" is conventionally used by Arab Christians and Arab Muslims as though it refers to the same Person.

That is, in the Arabic language, the term "Allah" is the standard generic term for the word "God" however else it may be used in this or that special context. For an Arab Christian to use the word "Allah" does not imply any specific theological congruence between our respective understandings of God; it is simply conventional linguistic usage. When it comes to theology, however, I am convinced that there is a rather significant gap between the God and Father of our Lord Jesus God as we know him and God as he is conceptualized in Islamic thought.

Muslims do not believe in the following essential theological elements: Trinity, the fatherhood of God, the eternal sonship of Jesus, the deity of Jesus, Jesus the Redeemer, the cross of Christ, and eve the nature and his covenant with humanity.

Also, the person of the Holy Spirit is understood very differently in Islam. Generally, Muslims believe that the Holy Spirit is created by Allah as his one of angels. When any Muslim converts to Christianity, he or she ceases to draw truth about God from the Quran and adheres instead to the revelation of God in the Bible, both testaments.

Think, for example, of the story of the two disciples on the road to Emmaus. When it comes to the Quran we have a very different picture: despite some literarily powerful quranic passages, despite some true assertions in the Muslim book, and despite some 3 overlap between the contents of Quran and Bible, the two scriptures are, at the end of the day, incompatible "revelations. To that extent the bridge already exists. There is little virtue, because there is little truth, in seeking to imply that on the most vital level we understand this God similarly.

We do not. Nonetheless, we as Arab Christians do not seek to inflame emotions and relationships between the communities by aggressively highlighting our differences at every turn!

Employing such bridges as already exist is necessary both for the sake of outreach as well as for the sake of living in harmony with the Muslim majority throughout the cities and villages of the Middle East. In our context, no one could stand on the pulpit and preach or voice such a sentiment.

In so doing, it would bring the Quran to the point of being viewed as another alternative through which to know the true God, the Father of Jesus Christ.

In other words, I believe there is only one God, the God of the Covenant, which was fully enacted in the person and life, death, resurrection, and exaltation of Jesus Christ. Having said that, Christians do not, and usually need not, initiate relationships with Muslims by focusing on the issues of highest tension and offense between the communities.

Yes, our ultimate goal must be to proclaim the revelation of Jesus as Lord, speaking the truth in love, but more often than not it is wiser to begin by building trust and strengthening potentially fragile relationships rather than by stoking controversy from the start.

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Biblical and Quranic narratives

A non-partial anthology of Bible and Quran stories: timely, unique and astonishing. John Esposito. Symbolized by Mary, the Jewish mother of Jesus loved by Christians and Muslims alike, this rare anthology seeks for common ground in a time ofMoreA non-partial anthology of Bible and Quran stories: timely, unique and astonishing. Symbolized by Mary, the Jewish mother of Jesus loved by Christians and Muslims alike, this rare anthology seeks for common ground in a time of conflict. Controversial topics - the subservience of women, war and crime- are not shunned, but the focus is on shared human values. Even God and Allah are shown to have many attributes in common. Illustrated- for a non-illustrated version see Quran and Bible Side by Side A compassionate contribution

The Open University will offer a course examining themes common to the Bible and the Quran and their significance to modern interfaith dialogue. Judaism, Christianity and Islam have common historical and theological roots, but this similarity has also caused rivalry throughout history. During the course instructed by Lindstedt and Nikki, students will read a great deal of the Bible and the Quran in small groups and make comparative observations on their reading. Of the common themes, we will handle the Creation, the concept of God and the afterlife. It will examine the concept of sacred texts and broaden the scope outside the Bible, especially to include the Quran. The introductory course to a comparative analysis of the Bible and the Quran, which will be organised at the Open University from 11 May to 15 June , will combine practice and theory in the form of a practicum.

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I. The Bible and the Koran as “God's Word”: How They are. Understood as Revelation in Leverkusen, , p. .pdf file; for download see Bibliography​). The human side of the Bible is not proof against the divine inspiration of the Bible.

Critical comparison of the Bible and the Quran

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Engagement with the Muslim world and Muslim people is inevitable for Christians. After all, Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the United States. What does the Bible say on these matters? If Christians are to engage in informed, loving conversation with their Muslim neighbors, they need to be equipped with more than the often-specious talking points they glean from the news or email forwards.

Please note that ebooks are subject to tax and the final price may vary depending on your country of residence. This illuminating exploration of how and why Christianity became so radically disconnected from the Jesus of history provides suggestions for returning the true Jesus of Nazareth to the center of Christian faith. Against Luke Timothy Johnson and others who dismiss the search for the historical Jesus as misguided, he argues that it is an important corrective to historical distortions of Christianity and to the 'pathological violence' of the God s depicted by the Bible's 'messy monotheism'.


The Quran , the central religious text of Islam , contains references to more than fifty people and events also found in the Bible. While the stories told in each book are generally comparable, there are also some notable differences. Knowing that versions written in the Hebrew Bible and the Christian New Testament predate the Quran's versions, Christians reason the Quran's versions as being derived directly or indirectly from the earlier materials.

Subscribe for coverage of U. It contains the most important and most frequently used Italian words. Whenever possible, one-word definitions are used. In most countries, fewer than half of Christians say they know either some or a great deal about Islam, and fewer than half of Muslims say they know either some or a great deal about Christianity. With words described and heavily marketed as essential, we should expect to find that many of the words meet minimum standards of frequency. In this article, we will cover the most common image issues in WordPress and how to fix them.

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