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Confronting Gangs Crime And Community Pdf

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Comprehensive crime prevention programs must include effective measures to prevent recidivism and to stop the cycle of failed adaptation by repeat offenders. Offenders released from confinement face a variety of challenges that may hinder their ability to become law-abiding citizens.

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This chapter focuses on types of prison gangs and the reasons for the proliferation of gangs in some American prisons today. Similarities and differences between street and prison gangs and what differentiates them from other types of criminal groups are described. The threats to prison security and inmate safety are discussed along with how the existence of gangs necessarily interferes with the delivery of effective treatment. The appearance and expansion of prison gangs and gang members is described, as well as the patterns of prison gangs and theories that may account for their emergence and growth. The chapter examines original data collected as part of a larger study of gangs in four cities. Views of gang members while imprisoned are presented, including commentary on relationships between their prison and street gang activities, and the role of the prison in the decisions of some gang members to leave their gang.

Groups, Gangs and Violence

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International Handbook of Violence Research pp Cite as. The significance of the group for violent behavior has been studied in various social scientific disciplines using a range of different theoretical and methodological approaches. Criminology is one of the disciplines which has dealt with the context of groups and violence very comprehensively. The representatives of the Chicago School place the phenomena of group violence in a larger context. They take account of aspects of migration, social and ethnic inequality, as well as urban development, and investigate the effects of the marginal social and spatial situation of different social groups, in particular of immigrants, on violent crime.

The Social Reintegration of Offenders and Crime Prevention

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Confronting Gangs: Crime and Community
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