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Stoichiometry Test Questions And Answers Pdf

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Exercises are short focused sets of practice questions that can be printed and used as worksheets.

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Stoichiometry questions

Read full description. Hide full description. NOTE: The answer key on page 13 is incorrect. L so that it has 2 sig figs and c should be 3. Subscribe by Email What's this? Upcoming Assignments No upcoming assignments. Key to Final Review answers only. Due: Wednesday , May 27 Assignment. Due: Friday , May 22 Assignment. Strong vs weak acids and bases, energy and heat transfer, thermochemical equations, calorimetry, gas calculations, kinetic molecular theory of gases.

Due: Wednesday , May 20 Assignment. Prepare for a postlab quiz over "Discovering some periodic properties". Key WS Periodicity Practice. Due: Monday , May 18 Assignment. Due: Friday , May 15 Assignment. Due: Wednesday , May 6 Assignment. Prepare for post-lab quiz on chemical bonding. Questions will include properties, Lewis structures, shapes, and names. Due: Monday , May 4 Assignment. Finish Lewis Structures , , and 10 in the chemical bonding packet.

Due: Friday , May 1 Assignment. Prepare for a bell ringer on Nuclear Reactions. Due: Monday , April 27 Assignment. Take notes in your comp book on the upcoming learning objectives:. Due: Wednesday , April 22 Assignment. Prepare for test over gas laws. The test will be broken into two sections:. Gaw Review Key with Work. Due: Monday , April 20 Assignment. The bell ringer will be three questions. Gas Law Test Review. Due: Friday , April 17 Assignment. Worked Examples Gases Notes Due: Wednesday , April 15 Assignment.

Due: Monday , April 13 Assignment. Due: Wednesday , April 8 Assignment. All questions will be multiple choice. Any relevant enthalpy of formation values will be given to you. Due: Monday , April 6 Assignment. Note: The notes that are attached to this assignment contain the tables of thermodynamic data that you will need to complete the worksheet on thermochemical equations. Due: Monday , March 30 Assignment. Prepare for postlab quiz over the cheetos lab.

It will be very similar to the prelab and postlab calculations. You will be given nutrition facts for a different snack food and be asked to find Calories per gram and theoretical change in temperature of water. The specific heat of water 1. You will also be given sample experimental data and be asked to solve for Joules absorbed by the water, Joules per gram, convert to Calories per gram, and calculate percent error.

You will also be asked to evaluate the sources of error. Due: Friday , March 27 Assignment. Prepare for bell ringer on Thermochemistry Vocabulary it will focus on the key terms from the blue worksheet: The Flow of Energy - Heat you should also include enthalpy from the notes.

Due: Wednesday , March 25 Assignment. Discussion Questions. Due: Friday , March 13 Assignment. Due: Monday , March 9 Assignment. Prepare for test on Acids and Bases 25 multiple choice. Acid-Base Exam Review Due: Friday , March 6 Assignment. Finish WS Strong vs. Weak allow you to practice acid-base neutralization. Solubility Rules Lab. Due: Wednesday , March 4 Assignment. Due: Monday , March 2 Assignment. Balance a chemical equation for a neutralization reaction between an acid and a base not HCl and NaOH.

Calculate using stoichiometry how much of one reactant will be needed to react completely with the other reactant one measured in grams and one measured in mL using molarity. Due: Wednesday , February 25 Assignment.

Worksheet pH and pOH. Due: Monday , February 23 Assignment. Prepare for a bell ringer on pH and pOH calculations. Due: Friday , February 20 Assignment. Prepare for a bell ringer on names and formulas of acids and bases. Due: Friday , February 13 Assignment. Take notes in your comp book over the following project share lessons:. Due: Wednesday , February 11 Assignment. Prepare for test on water and solutions. It will be twenty multiple choice questions. Develop and use general rules regarding solubility.

Investigate factors that influence solubility 5 questions. Calculate the concentration of solutions in units of molarity. Use molarity to calculate the dilutions of solutions 5 questions. Distinguish between types of solutions such as electrolytes and nonelectrolytes; and unsaturated, saturated, and supersatured solutions 5 questions.

You should complete the test review as well as study project share notes, powerpoint and notes packet provided on website , worksheets and bell ringers. Due: Monday , February 9 Assignment.

Test corrections on Balancing Equations and Stoichiometry. Due: Wednesday , February 4 Assignment. Use solubility graph quantitatively to find how much solute will dissolve at a particular temperature. Due: Monday , February 2 Assignment. AlkaSeltzer Lab. Due: Friday , January 30 Assignment. There will be two problems where you are asked to solve for molarity and one where you are asked to solve for grams of solute.

WS Water and Aqueous Systems. Due: Wednesday , January 28 Assignment. Due: Monday , January 26 Assignment. Prepare for a test over the following objectives:. Some of the real life stoichiometry problems are more challenging that the ones that you will see on the test, but many of them are like what you will see on the test.

Due: Friday , January 23 Assignment. The format of the quiz will be very much like the lab handout. You will be given sample data and asked to make calculations to determine the limiting reactant, theoretical yield, actual yield and percent yield. The chemical reaction WILL NOT be the same as the one from the lab, but you will be given enough information to write a balanced chemical equation.

We will review and discuss sources of error before the quiz, but you can be thinking about how the following errors would affect the percent yield:. Due: Wednesday , January 21 Assignment.

PreAP Chemistry (Period 3) Assignments

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not do “long division” to try to get exact values. Remember it is a MC test, use the answers. •. Mark which questions you would like to “go over” when we get to.

Stoichiometry questions

Since we are given the mass of nitrogen gas that will be used, we will need to convert the amount into moles. We can then compare the molar ratios in the balanced reaction, and multiply the moles of ammonia by its molar mass. Using dimensional analysis, we can use a calculation that will allow us to end with "grams of ammonia" as the solved unit. The formula for glucose is.

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