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The thermo-catalytic and biochemical conversion of biomass to hydrogen-rich syngas has been widely reported with less emphasis on the environmental implications of the processes. This mini-review presents an overview of different thermo-catalytic route of converting biomass to hydrogen-rich syngas as well as their environmental impact investigated using life cycle assessment methodology.

Syngas Production, Properties, and Its Importance

In addition, positive correlations for NHG composts were obtained between i H 2 yield and lignin content, ii H 2 yield and potassium content, and iii CO yield and cellulose content. Exceptionally large higher heating values HHVs of pyrolysis gas, very close to HHVs of feedstock, were obtained for composts made from mountain brome MB, The pressing demands for greater generation of energy at a lower cost, associated with a diminution of greenhouse gases GHG emission, have compelled researchers to expand their search for an energy source outside conventional and primary energy sources, such as fossil fuels. Biomass, specifically energy crops, is of particular interest among these renewable energy resources. The competitive costs are based upon the incentives made available through the scheme for energy crops according to the Article 88 of Regulation EC No. The preference of energy crops over other types of biomass for energy generation is due to their i higher productivity, ii lower investment cost, iii low environmental maintenance, iv short time between plantation and harvesting, and v high energy values [ 5 — 7 ].

Nevertheless, the success of its distilleries depends on how they overcome the new scientific challenges faced, mainly regarding the disposal or reuse of sugarcane vinasse. Initially, the distillery is simulated and validated using industrial real data from a plant located in Brazil in order to analyze the potential of sugarcane vinasse generation. Thereafter, conventional from natural gas and renewable from vinasse-based biomass routes for syngas production through steam methane reforming are compared considering both, technical feasibility and economic investment. Such comparison presents a more rigorous simulation of the vinasse-based plant and shows that the proposed scenario might be The production plant of syngas from vinasse-based biogas is evaluated to further improve the thermal efficiency and financial performance of the process designed. The results demonstrate that syngas production coupled to ethanol plants is a promising market to countries ascending in technology development for biomass utilization, such as Brazil. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution.

Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Hydrogen-rich syngas production from pyrolysis and gasification of palmitic fibers Abstract: Pyrolysis and gasification are two attractive processes for converting pre-dried palmitic fibers PF into valuable gaseous products with high effectiveness and little environmental impact. The gasification and pyrolysis of pre-dried PF were conducted independently, using two different laboratory-scale fixed-bed reactors. The key properties of produced biofuels - and mainly of gaseous ones - obtained from both thermochemical processes have been investigated. The raw material characterization reveals that the pre-dried PF are suitable feedstock for thermochemical conversion and mainly for syngas production.

Much attention has been focused on reducing the use of petroleum products as fuels, so synthetic gas Syngas introduces a great opportunity for energy sustainable developments. Syngas is created either by gasification of plants biomass or waste products carbon-based pyrolysis. In principle, Syngas can be produced from any hydrocarbon feedstock. It mainly affects the combustion process in internal combustion engines. The most important is flammability limit, which is very important in the safety and the laminar flame velocity or burning velocity, which is an essential parameter for the investigation of combustion chamber operation and emission performance. This chapter generally reviewed the syngas sources, production, properties, and its importance in the sustainable development for energy. Sustainable Alternative Syngas Fuel.

Methanol has been selected for its large potential market and for its several applications in both the energy either fuel or raw material for gasoline production and chemical industry intermediate. Four different synthetic routes have been considered, covering various options from Syngas to recovered carbon dioxide. The results of the LCA study are discussed and compared. Syngas has been produced either from steam- or dry-reforming of methane. In the latter case, CO 2 recovered from thermal power plants has been considered for use as oxidant. The results show that heat recovery in the synthesis of methanol from Syngas has a very positive effect reducing the environmental impact and the energy consumption.

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