websphere interview questions and answers pdf

Websphere Interview Questions And Answers Pdf

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WebSphere is a set of Java-based tools from IBM that allows customers to create and manage sophisticated business Web sites.

What is WebSphere? What is model spi and what is it used for? Answer : Web sphere uses a different model for providing content aggregation and navigation The available models are Content model, navigation model, navigation selection model, and layout model. These models are provided using model spi. Answer: Web Content management system is a software system that helps build and manage Web entities Html pages, documents, etc.

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Read the most frequently asked 50 top WebSphere interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced job interview questions pdf. What is websphere? The moment you ask this question, the first question that comes to mind is WebSphere applicaiton server. In reality, WebSphere is the name of a product family. IBM has many more products under the brand name WebSphere. Whats is a profile in websphere Application Server? When you install WebSphere application server, executable files and configurations files are seperated.

WebSphere MQ allows application programs to use message queuing to participate in message-driven processing. Application programs can communicate across different platforms by using the appropriate message queuing software products. When messages arrive on a queue, they can automatically start an application using triggering. If necessary, the applications can be stopped when the message or messages have been processed. Because the MQ is independent of the Operating System you use i. It is independent of the protocol i. It is not required that both the sender and receiver should be running on the same platform.

Cluster is a logical name assigned to group of servers JVMs. A vertical cluster has cluster members on the same node, or a physical machine. A horizontal cluster has cluster members on multiple nodes across many machines in a cell. What is the difference between an Application Server and a Web Server? The WebSphere plug-in uses a configuration file called plugin-cfg.

IBM WebSphere Interview Questions And Answers

There are a lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. Ans: The following are the differences between application and web server-. Q2 Define WebSphere. This is a tool that is designed with the help of Java. IBM has developed this tool in order to create and manage websites. These websites are mainly used for the purpose of business and business functions which are helpful in the field of e-commerce.

What is web sphere? The word web sphere popularly refers to IBM middleware technology products. Web sphere is known for its turn key operation in e business applications. It has run time components and tools which can help in creating applications which run on WAS. WAS refers to web sphere application server. What is web sphere commerce? IBM web sphere commerce has a single platform which offers complete ecommerce solutions to developers.

WebSphere Documents Available Here. Ads x60px. Thursday, 25 October Technical Questions. Are you responsible for production support? As per on call support, we have dedicate mobile and laptop every week, they will change. And Prioritize, change at every week on 24x7 basis. Breifly explain about the topology of production environment?

websphere application server interview questions and answer

Web-sphere is a tool based on Java and developed by IBM, to manage and create websites. Web-sphere is often used to build interactive web-oriented applications that support business functions required for e-commerce, it integrates all the data across different operating system and applications. If there is a communication failure with a particular cluster member, it will mark that member down and start routing all requests to the remaining cluster member till the original is available.

WAS is the server that hosts for web applications. Mostly, WAS hosts Java based web applications. Question 1. Answer : No, migration wizard only provides minimal function and it does not enable any services by default. Question 2.

IBM Websphere Server Administration Interview Questions

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IBM WAS Administration Interview Questions & Answers

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