lvm interview questions and answers linux pdf

Lvm Interview Questions And Answers Linux Pdf

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What is tail command in Linux? Answer: tail command displays the last part of a file. Instead, you want to check what your logs say about the most recent request to your application.

Linux system admin interview questions prepared by industry experts, we hope that these Linux admin questions will help you to crack your next Linux administrator job interview. All the best for your future and happy Linux learning. How could this issue be fixed?

Are you a professional looking for a career in Linux platform? Wisdomjobs show the right way to build your career and achieve your goals. In conventional ways, Logical volume management is a method of allocating space on mass-storage devices.

LVM Interview questions and answers Linvirtshell

Linux system admin interview questions prepared by industry experts, we hope that these Linux admin questions will help you to crack your next Linux administrator job interview. All the best for your future and happy Linux learning. How could this issue be fixed? This gets applicable to any new users who gets created i. ANS : — Need to define the umask value for the required user. How could this be changed example : from md5 to sha?

ANS:- We can find out the password encryption method being used for shadow passwords as shown below:. After entering password in GUI, system shows a progress, however, could come back the login prompt. Need to add :. If an user failed to login remotely via ssh then the reasons could be different. Here are the reasons:. Here you will learn more about advanced Linux administration interview questions and answers to succeed in your next Linux interview.

To check these, run a small script as shown below :! ANS:- By default the kernel ring buffer size is bytes. ANS: i — install v — verbose mode h — hash mode where it would print characters as the installation progresses. To list out all the files installed by this package:- rpm -ql coreutils OR rpm -q — -filesbypkg coreutils. Packages installed later would not be listed here.

However, this file is deprecated in RHEL6. ANS : Create files ending with. In RHEL 5. To get a list of all the packages installed date: rpm -qa —last.

ANS:- In first attempt, one could try to copy the missing binary executable file from a similar working system using scp command. This would tell which package has installed this executable file:. Create a directory where to extract. ANS : To Reduce — boot into rescue mode without mounting file system linux rescue nomount. To extend — no need to boot into rescue, this could be done online. This would skip the file system check process. Now, after the 10th mount of the file system, it would force a file system check and mount counter would be reset to 1.

Hence, need to update older package. This has been added from RHEL 6. How do you make the system to boot from the newly installed kernel? ANS : — Verify if the new kernel packages are installed successfully. How could this be fixed? ANS : — Make a note of the file system for which the label failed to resolve.

If the label is not correct in fstab then edit it. RHEL 5. ANS :- This is possible provided kexec-tools package is installed. Say for example there are two kernel images installed: kernel How to fix this? Once this is installed, the right click option would show up. Jun 18 nagios sshd[]: Received signal 15; terminating. Jun 18 nagios sshd[]: Server listening on 0. Jun 18 nagios sshd[]: Server listening on :: port Replace the service name with respective service you wish to check far.

As the name implies this does nothing of data re-order or queuing, it just manages data as First-In-First-Out basis and would ideal when there is a separate storage based controller which does better data re-ordering and understanding of disk layout so that the kernel workload would gets reduced. This would be an ideal option when SSD drives are used. This is ideal in case of contiguous reads such as FTP servers but not good for database servers. Requests in queue would get served in batches based on FIFO.

This is default elevator being used in RHEL 6. This would normally be used in Desktop system or Usenet servers. How to make sure that the network interface becomes eth0 here and up along with the server? Save and exit. If unable to ping localhost check for following things:. If not then bring up the loopback interface : ifup lo. If there is no such entry then pinging 0 numeral would work, however, pining localhost would fail.

So, add the entry as:. If network is down then bring it up:. Try to set a test static IP address and check if that works. Ping the gateway address and check. So, run traceroute at this stage and check where network is dropping connections. In such cases it could be possible that ICMP replies would have been disabled via sysctl or blocked by firewall rules via iptables.

If this fails then this would indicate either ssh service is down or user-restricted or blocked by firewall on remote host. At this juncture, one may use an un-secure telnet might require to install telnet package to test if remote host is listening on a port.

This would also not respond if port is blocked by firewall. This would fetch quick discovery of hosts alive status. ANS : Make the user sudo with appropriate permissions on the commands required. This prompts for user root to enter a valid password to authenticate. The simplest way to achieve this in RHEL 5. ANS:Before understanding this, one must understand the numerical values being used to represent permission bits in Unix environment.

It is as shown below:. Same way the default umask value for other users is I was actually holding my breath as I followed these directions. It worked beautifully!

As per your log file it may be due to that you have not imported the data or its not linked further please cross check those links and relations. Import the modified WSDL definition. Run the session. Failing to do this will cause the session to fail. Excellent tutorials — very easy to understand with all the details. I hope you will continue to provide more such tutorials.

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Logical Volume Manager (Linux) Interview Questions & Answers

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If you attend any Linux interview, you can always expect more questions from LVM. To select the right candidate, you should ask the quality interview questions. The below one is an example of bad interview question. How many volume groups can be created in Linux? Answer

In this article we will discuss top 30 Linux system admin interview questions with the answers for experience professionals. Below mentioned questions may help the readers to clear Linux interviews. Q:3 What does Sar provides and at which location Sar logs are stored? Ans: Sar Collect, report, or save system activity information. Q:4 How to increase the size of LVM partition?

+ Logical Volume Manager (linux) Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What is LVM? Question2: What is the difference between LVM and RAID?

Top 30 Linux System Admin Interview Questions & Answers

What is LVM and its full form? It allows more flexibility in managing the disk storage. In LINUX , the LVM is used for partitioning the hard disks storage spaces for improving the efficiency of storage rather than traditional partitioning. The system administrators use the method to manage the different storage requirements of multiple users.

75 Linux Administrator Interview Questions And Answers

Post a Comment. LVM Interview questions and answers Linvirtshell. Is it possible to increase the logical volume?

I am curious about, how many people use Linux? My friend, who had the experience in using this operating system, told me, that it is very complicated. Home About Contact. Questions: PART 2 1. What is the maximum size of a single LV? List of important LVM related files and Directories? What is the steps to create LVM in Linux?

Linux LVM Interview Questions: Part 2. Madeswaran N Answers: are LVM1 and LVM2? LVM1 and LVM2 are the versions of LVM. LVM2 uses device.

Linux Admin Interview Questions And Answers Pdf

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LVM- Linux Interview Questions

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