psychological reactance a theory of freedom and control pdf

Psychological Reactance A Theory Of Freedom And Control Pdf

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Psychological reactance theory is a commonly relied upon framework for understanding audience members' resistance to persuasive health messages. This review article provides an overview of reactance research in the context of persuasive health communication. The article begins with an overview of psychological reactance theory. The major concepts of the theory are discussed, as well as recent developments by communication researchers in measuring reactance.

Psychological Reactance: Theory and Applications

Psychological Reactance: A Theory of Freedom and Control provides information pertinent to the fundamental aspects of reactance theory. This book discusses a number of special topic areas to which the reactance theory seems especially relevant. Organized into five parts encompassing 17 chapters, this book begins with an overview of the relationship between freedom and perceived freedom as conceived by reactance theory. This text then describes the clinical applications, societal problem solutions, and power relations in the real world. Other chapters consider the developmental aspects of reactance.

When you put your quarters in a softdrink machine, you would not like the machine to start flashing a large Coca Cola sign at you, complete with a flashing arrow that keeps moving to the button for Coke Classical, of course. Or at least I don't think you would like that, even if you intended to obtain a Coke when you started to put your quarters in the machine. It was my belief that people would not like to be treated this way that led to the construction of reactance theory. Having noted similar kinds of examples in life around me, I was impressed that people responded negatively to influence attempts hat did not frustrate or even threaten to frustrate them, and sometimes the attempted influence was apparently in their own best interest. Eventually I went so far as to think that people would respond negatively to relatively impersonal influence attempts, as in the above example with a soft drink machine, and even to their own impulses and behavior. What led me to this chain of conclusions, of course, was the idea fundamental to reactance theory, namely, that people become motivationally aroused by a threat to or elimination of a behavioral freedom. This motivational state is what is called psychological reactance.

Psychological Reactance

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Control, Its Loss, and Psychological Reactance

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Control Motivation and Social Cognition pp Cite as. It held that people believe they have specific behavioral freedoms, and when those freedoms are threatened or eliminated in any way, the individual becomes motivated reactance to reinstate them. Unable to display preview.

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Mona A. Clee, Robert A. A theory about psychological freedom is reviewed in terms of its broad applicability to consumer behavior.

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Psychological Reactance: A Theory of Freedom and Control

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