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Notes for Class 1 are here. In Class 2, we will cover the following material:. Below is a repost of a Blog I wrote April 19, , about the Permaculture philosophy that underlays the Transition movement. Interview with Rob Hopkins at Treehugger. Do we grab a gun and head for the hills, or do we redouble our efforts to build strong, resilient communities and economies that are not dependent on fossil fuels?

Free PDF of David Holmgren’s Essence of Permaculture in 16 languages

The publication in December of a new major work on permaculture, saw a deeper and more accessible systematisation of the principles of permaculture refined by David Holmgren over more than 25 years of practice. Odum , who died two months before its publication, and it owes much to Odum's vision of a world in energy transition. Principles and Pathways offers twelve key permaculture design principles , each explained in separate chapters. The icons used to identify each design principle created by permaculture graphic designer Richard Telford have been widely used in teaching these principles around the world. This book filled a conceptual gap that has been evident from permaculture's inception. It is regarded as a major landmark in permaculture literature, especially as the seminal work, Bill Mollison 's Permaculture: A Designer's Manual was published fifteen years previously and has never been revised. Please enable JavaScript to pass antispam protection!

Principles and Pathways, Class #2: Rob Hopkins, and Transition

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Permaculture Design Principles

Russ Grayson www. Trained and having worked in journalism, he is a member of TerraCircle Inc international development consultants and has been on the board of directors of Permaculture International Ltd, now Permaculture Australia. Holmgren D. Holmgren Design Services, Australia.

Essence of Permaculture – Free Download in Nine Languages

Free PDF of David Holmgren’s Essence of Permaculture in 16 languages

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It contains an introduction to permaculture, thoughts about the future of the movement and the values and use of the permaculture principles. A great way to expand your knowledge in preparation for the full length book. Please contact us if you can help translate the Essence of Permaculture into a language not listed here. There is also an ePub version of the Essence of Permaculture in full colour at minimal cost.

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