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Nigeria: Real Estate Laws and Regulations 2021

ICLG - Real Estate Laws and Regulations - Nigeria covers key topics relating to practical points and commercial terms in leasing, investment, development, and financing in 20 jurisdictions.

Laws relating to leases of business premises should be listed in response to question Those relating to zoning and environmental should be listed in response to question Those relating to tax should be listed in response to questions in Section 9.

Real estate is, however, largely regulated by the laws in the state in which the land is situated and differs from state to state. The laws governing real estate in Lagos State the commercial capital of Nigeria include the following:. The decision of judges is a core element of the Nigerian legal system. In interpreting local legislations on real estate, the principles of law upon which a court bases its decision in relation to material facts become judicial precedents, which must be followed by lower courts in deciding future cases with similar facts.

Please ignore EU legislation enacted locally in EU countries. International laws are not relevant to real estate in Nigeria as real estate is governed by the law of the place where the property is situated.

By the provisions of the Land Use Act, all land in each state is vested in the governor of that state, to be held in trust and administered for the use and common benefit of all Nigerians within that state.

This provision presupposes that this benefit is to the exclusion of non-Nigerians. However, some states like Lagos State have laws that expressly regulate the ownership of land by non-Nigerians. The Acquisition of Lands by Aliens Law of Lagos State Cap A2, and the regulations made pursuant thereto for instance, requires non-Nigerians desirous of acquiring land to obtain the prior approval of the governor in writing where the interest to be acquired in the land is for a period of more than three years.

Furthermore, a limit of 25 years including any option to renew is imposed on any approved interest in land to be acquired by a non-Nigerian. Also, subject to limited exceptions, the Land Use Act prohibits the granting of a statutory right of occupancy or consent to the assignment or subletting of a statutory right of occupancy to a person under the age of 21 years. Are any of them purely contractual between the parties? Land rights in Nigeria may be proprietary, possessory or may relate to lesser interests.

The recognised rights over land in Nigeria broadly include:. The statutory definition of land includes fixtures permanently attached to the land including buildings. Accordingly, as a general rule in Nigeria, whoever owns the land, owns the building thereon. Therefore, ownership of land is typically merged with ownership of any building constructed on it. However, there are certain scenarios where the right to land diverges from the right to the building constructed on it, and these scenarios are purely contractual.

Are there any proposals to change this? Nigerian law recognises the fragmentation of ownership interest which permits a split between legal and equitable interests. Legal title is vested in a person who is registered as the legal owner at the land registry. Furthermore, the law requires that any instrument that confers, vests, transfers, limits, charges or extinguishes any interest or right in any property be registered.

What land or rights are unregistered? The Land Use Act vests all lands in a state in the governor of that state. However, each state has adopted its own laws to administer and regulate land use. Easements are not required to be registered. Also, leases for a period of less than three years do not require registration. What does it guarantee? Effectively, yes, as the holder of a statutory right of occupancy is entitled to exclusive possession of land to the exclusion of all other persons except the governor for a maximum renewable period of 99 years.

What if any is the consequence of non-registration? Nigerian law requires any transaction or instrument that confers, vests, transfers, limits, charges or extinguishes any interest or right in any property to be registered. Furthermore, the foremost consequence of non-registration is that the property may be subject to a fraudulent, subsequent sale. Other consequences of non-registration are as follows:.

Leases for a period of less than three years are not required to be registered. Also, easements are not required to be registered.

Please give details. First registration means the occasion upon which unregistered land or rights are first registered in the registries. Upon the enactment of the Land Use Act in , first registration and its effects ceased to be applicable in Nigeria. Section 22 of the Land Use Act makes it unlawful to transfer interest in land without the consent of the governor of the state where the land is located. In a land sale, the transfer of an equitable interest in the land is achieved upon execution and delivery of the transfer documents by the parties.

However, transfer of a legal title shall only be completed upon registration, i. Do earlier rights defeat later rights? As a general rule, where an interest in land is required to be registered, a registered title will have priority over an unregistered title.

Where competing interests are registered, the date of creation of the interest will determine priority between both interests. If more than one please specify their differing rules and requirements. There is no central land registry in Nigeria. Land registries are situated in each state in Nigeria and Nigeria has 36 states and Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory. Proof of title is dependent on information derived from the Land registry by inspection upon registration of title.

What documents need to be provided to the land registry for the registration of ownership right? Can information on ownership of registered real estate be accessed electronically? To register ownership rights in land, the following documents will be required:.

An action may be brought by an aggrieved person for damages and rectification. Can a buyer obtain all the information he might reasonably need regarding encumbrances and other rights affecting real estate and is this achieved by a search of the register? The registry is accessible to the public; there are no restrictions to retrieving information.

Upon payment of requisite statutory fees, a prospective buyer or a representative of the buyer will be able to conduct a search at the registry on the records of property, and to see all registered encumbrances, including registered mortgages and other rights affecting the property. In some states, however, the consent of the landowner is required to access records of the property in the register.

What are the main sources of capital you see active in your market? Please give examples. The Nigerian real estate industry experienced greater investments in the past year, especially in commercial and residential real estate.

With respect to this year, it is important to highlight the consideration afforded to real estate investors with the enactment of the Finance Act which became effective in February This will serve to encourage real estate investment, as it is a major investment incentive. However, given the myriad effects of the coronavirus COVID pandemic on world economies this year and the volatility of foreign exchange, it remains to be seen how willing investors might be to undertake investments.

However, the spread of COVID has crippled co-working due to the lockdown restrictions and social distancing rules adopted by the Government to curtail the spread of the pandemic. Leadspace also announced that its hubs would be closed due to social distancing restrictions.

In addition, more retailers are incorporating online shopping into their business model as a result of the pandemic, thus affecting Grade A malls. Under Nigerian law, there are broadly three stages in the process of sale and purchase of real estate.

These include:. What matters must be disclosed? The seller may be liable in damages for misrepresentation where the buyer suffers loss as a result of a misrepresentation of facts by the seller.

What would be the scope of these? What is the function of any such guarantee or warranties e. Would any such guarantee or warranties act as a substitute for the buyer carrying out his own diligence? Sellers typically give title guarantees and contractual warranties to the buyer, which are always included in the documents of transfer.

The form of guarantee or contractual warranty depends on the capacity in which the seller is conveying his interest in the title. The function of the warranty is to apportion risk as well as give relevant information to the buyer. The warranties granted by the seller should not preclude the buyer from conducting requisite due diligence on the property.

However, a breach of said warranty will render the seller liable to the buyer for any losses or expenses incurred. The seller may, however, in certain instances be liable to the buyer even after completion of the sale.

There are no specific regulations on the lending of money to finance real estate, as the general laws regulating financial transactions would apply. These include the following:. The method adopted will vary with the finance structure adopted by the parties. Notwithstanding, the main method by which a lender may protect itself is by taking security over the property by way of mortgage, charge over the assets of the debtor, etc.

Furthermore, a mortgage protection insurance policy may be considered to guarantee the lender the repayment of the outstanding balance upon the death of the borrower. In addition, a real estate lender may protect itself by including adequate financial and restrictive covenants in the finance document. Are there any options for a mortgagee to realise a mortgaged property without involving court proceedings or the contribution of the mortgagor?

In realising a mortgaged property, the involvement or otherwise of the court depends on the type of mortgage created and the method of enforcement adopted. For instance, a legal mortgagee may exercise its statutory power of sale without court involvement provided that the same has arisen and is exercisable. On the other hand, an equitable mortgagee must obtain an order of court to sell a mortgaged property. The formalities required for real estate lending are similar to the formalities of a typical loan transaction, save for where a mortgage security interest is sought to be created in favour of the lender, in which case the formalities below are required:.

A real estate lender is protected from claims against the borrower or other creditors by ensuring that security is created in its favour and the same is registered within the stipulated timeframe from the date of creation. Similarly, if the assets of a company are charged, such charges must be registered at the Corporate Affairs Commission within 90 days after the date of creation as stipulated under the Companies and Allied Matters Act, A security over an asset may be unenforceable where the instrument creating the security has not been registered in accordance with the applicable legislation.

The actions a borrower can take will largely depend on the nature of security interest created in favour of the lender. If a floating charge is taken for instance, a borrower may dissipate its assets prior to the crystallisation of the floating charge.

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Work accessible online at www. C Nweze and O. Smith, Imran Landlord and tenant law in Nigeria. Lagos: Ecowatch Publications. Lagos: Ecowatch.

Written by on January 19, Posted in Wedding Tips. Buy house with mortgage financing, spread the mortgage loan based on your current income for 10 years and above. The Lagos Building Investment Company Plc LBIC will provide more mortgage loans for civil servants and other Lagosians, its Board of … Consequently, there are private investors offering mortgage loans and assistance, e. LAST … Situated in a small hamlet with a village atmosphere, yet close to shops, supermarkets and the historic centre of Lagos this beautiful house offers quality accommodation for those looking to get a start in the property market or as an investment, for someone looking for a perfect holiday home.

The main objective of the Law was to provide a legal structure as well as regulations for the mortgage industry. The composition of the Board under the Law provided that the Board shall consist of six 6 members to be appointed by the Governor of Lagos State. The Amendment Law has increased this number to seven 7 members. In addition, the Amendment Law provides that the representative of the Ministry of Housing on the Board shall be a person at the level not less than an Assistant Director. The Law had made no provisions for the payment of remuneration to the Board members. The Amendment Law in a bid to ensure higher levels of professionalism by the Board members provides for the payment of sitting allowances for all Board members save for the ex-officio members. In addition, the Chief Executive Officer an office created by the Amendment Law , shall be entitled to a salary to be determined by the Governor.


Run Through Of The Lagos State Mortgage And Property (Amendment) Law, 2015

Negotiating lesser fees for documents presented for stamping and registrations. Matters which the Court must take into consideration when giving orders. Power of court to refer disputes to board for mediation or arbitration.

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Nigeria: Real Estate Laws and Regulations 2021

SOAS University of London

Negotiating lesser fees for documents presented for stamping and registrations. Matters which the Court must take into consideration when giving orders. Power of court to refer disputes to board for mediation or arbitration. Obligation to transfer instead of recovering and right to take possession. Power of mortgagor and mortgage in possession to accept surrender of leases. Powers incidental to estate or interest of mortgagee to sell, insure, appoint receiver, etc. Financing of insurance or other products sold in connection with the loan.

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mortgage houses in lagos

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