regulation of implantation and establishment of pregnancy in mammals pdf

Regulation Of Implantation And Establishment Of Pregnancy In Mammals Pdf

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Implantation is an intricately timed event necessary in the process of viviparous birth that allows mammals to nourish and protect their young during early development. Human implantation begins when the blastocyst both assumes a fixed position in the uterus and establishes a more intimate relationship with the endometrium. Due to the impracticalities of studying implantation in humans, animal models are necessary to decipher the molecular and mechanical events of this process.

Metrics details. The pregnancy recognition signal in primates is chorionic gonadotrophin which acts directly on the CL via luteinizing hormone receptors to ensure maintenance of functional CL during pregnancy. In ruminants, interferon tau IFNT is the pregnancy recognition signal.

Novel pathways for implantation and establishment and maintenance of pregnancy in mammals

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Uterine receptivity to implantation varies among species, and involves changes in expression of genes that are coordinate with attachment of trophectoderm to uterine lumenal and superficial glandular epithelia, modification of phenotype of uterine stromal cells, silencing of receptors for progesterone and estrogen, suppression of genes for immune recognition, alterations in membrane permeability to enhance conceptus-maternal exchange of factors, angiogenesis and vasculogenesis, increased vascularity of the endometrium, activation of genes for transport of nutrients into the uterine lumen, and enhanced signaling for pregnancy recognition. Differential expression of genes by uterine epithelial and stromal cells in response to progesterone, glucocorticoids, prostaglandins and interferons may influence uterine receptivity to implantation in mammals. Uterine receptivity to implantation is progesterone-dependent; however, implantation is preceded by loss of expression of receptors for progesterone PGR so that progesterone most likely acts via PGR-positive stromal cells throughout pregnancy. Understanding the roles of the variety of hormones, growth factors and endogenous retroviral proteins in uterine receptivity for implantation is essential to enhancing reproductive health and fertility in humans and domestic animals. A paradox is the role of progesterone to sequentially down-regulate expression of progesterone receptors PGR in uterine LE, as well as superficial sGE and mid- to deep-glandular GE epithelia as a prerequisite for endometrial receptivity to implantation; however, PGR continue to be expressed in stromal and myometrial cells of the uterus. Implantation may be non-invasive central or invasive interstitial or eccentric depending on whether or not conceptus Tr invades through uterine LE into the stroma. Implantation in domestic animals differs from that of rodents and primates where the conceptus enters a receptive uterus and almost immediately attaches to uterine LE.

Rohit Kumar, P. Ramteke, Amar Nath, R. Kumar Pramod, Satyendra P. The survivability and opportunity of successful development of an embryo are influenced directly or indirectly by factors controlling uterine microenvironment. Out of all factors, hormones such as prostaglandins PGs released during the preimplantation period influence molecular interactions involved in maintenance of pregnancy through reciprocal interactions between the conceptus and endometrium. PGs are important regulators of female reproductive functions, namely, ovulation, uterine receptivity, implantation, and parturition.

Regulation of Implantation and Establishment of Pregnancy in Mammals

In humans, implantation is the stage of pregnancy at which the embryo adheres to the wall of the uterus. At this stage of prenatal development , the conceptus is called a blastocyst. It is by this adhesion that the embryo receives oxygen and nutrients from the mother to be able to grow. In humans, implantation of a fertilized ovum is most likely to occur around nine days after ovulation ; however, this can range between six and 12 days. The reception-ready phase of the endometrium of the uterus is usually termed the "implantation window" and lasts about 4 days.

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Editors: Geisert , Rodney D. Over the past few decades technological advances in transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and glycomics along with the ability to selectively knockout genes of interest has greatly advanced our understanding of maternal-conceptus interactions that are essential for the establishment and maintenance of a successful pregnancy. This knowledge provides a foundation from which to build research endeavors to help resolve infertility, embryonic loss and recurrent abortion in humans, captive wild animals and important farm species.

Implantation (human embryo)

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Animal models of implantation

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