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Focus groups typically involve a moderator-led group discussion with between eight and 10 people. Group participants will likely have been chosen based on shared demographics, circumstances, buying behaviors.

The focus groups are the groups of intellectuals, professionals who come together to form an opinion for the new product in the company. The focus group is the collaboration of people who come together to make an opinion, put forth their belief and perspective for the product or service initiate, in the company. They help the company to grow as they are sort of critics who tell what is good and what is right for the company by forming their own ideas and correcting the wrong ones.

When planning a new focus group discussion, it is always worthwhile to sit down for a minute and consider the pros and cons of an online focus group vs. There is also a third approach: a video focus group. Text-based online focus groups are not suitable for every qualitative research project.

Focus Groups: Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

The focus groups are the groups of intellectuals, professionals who come together to form an opinion for the new product in the company. The focus group is the collaboration of people who come together to make an opinion, put forth their belief and perspective for the product or service initiate, in the company. They help the company to grow as they are sort of critics who tell what is good and what is right for the company by forming their own ideas and correcting the wrong ones.

Every company has their own focus groups and they have a greater role to play in the company. Mentioned below are a few features, advantages and disadvantages of focus groups. The focus groups are considered vital as they help the company in providing the feedback for the new things introduced in the company. Also they assist in providing the feedback for those particular products or the services.

The focus groups include all the professional and experienced people of the company. This is one of the features of the focus groups as the experienced ones can only help in making right decisions for the company. The focus groups are a kind of interview conducted by the experienced and professional moderators among the groups of participants and the respondents.

The interviews are conducted in form of a panel and group discussions are held. The discussions on the important topic are done by the experts in the focus groups. The focus groups are though collaboration of experienced and intelligent people but they are unstructured. This means the focus groups are naturally formed and do not have any particular form of format to form. Neither do they have any set rules and regulations for the formation of the groups in the company.

Unlike other groups in the company, these focus groups are not formed formally but they are formed naturally. It means they do not have to follow any particular code of conduct or the rules. This is one of the good features of the focus groups as being naturally formed they are free to express anything and to anyone. The ideas in the focus groups flow freely. There is no designated leader in the group who will order or who will command others in the group.

So, the ideas, the opinions are free to flow in the groups irrespective of any disturbance or the commands. Everyone gets an equal opportunity to say or express what they feel like. The focus groups are a form of quality research. It is because when the members of the groups sit together for any discussion, they, in particular, do research because when the discussions on the topic go very deep, they ultimately form a part of the research. So, the focus groups are a form of qualitative research.

The members of the focus groups discuss the ideas, the beliefs and the opinions of the product or the service, concepts, ideas, advertisement or the packaging. All these are discussed in the meeting and all the members put forth their concepts. So, this way the meetings by the focus groups prove fruitful and productive. The focus groups in the companies do not have many members but very few. Like maximum members would go up to 10 and not more than that.

Fewer the members, the more productive the discussion becomes. More the members, less is the discussion productive. The members in the focus groups are mostly volunteers. They come forward to express their opinion and give their feedback for the services and the products introduced in the company. This is a kind of feedback from the ones who have used the service or the product. The discussions in the focus groups can be kept under control.

This is because there is no designated leader in the group and the discussions are made natural. The focus groups have a moderator in them and the moderator plays a role of controlling the situation. Like the moderator is required to keep the discussion under control and during the interview, the focus areas of the interest are taken as topics for the discussions.

As the discussion in the focus groups flows without any restriction, the space for new ideas to flow increases manifold. More ideas flow when more of the liberty is given while the discussions are going on.

With liberty, more ideas flow as the respondents are free from any control which is a big advantage for the company as well as the employee volunteer. The focus groups are not static. They are flexible. One can work as per his or her comfort. Like there are no set rules to follow because the focus groups are not formally formed. They are formed naturally and this is why they are more flexible and less static. Any changes needed in the opinion or the concept can easily be done as the stern behavior is not required to keep discussions going in the focus groups.

The moderator in the group can make changes whenever he or she wants. In order to facilitate the discussions in a better manner, the changes are needed, so that can easily be done with the help of the flexible group. If any concept needs a major or the emergency changes, then it can easily be done with the help of the moderator and the flexibility of the focus group.

The results in the end of the day are better as the things are finalized after more considerations and the changes until the employee is not satisfied with the output. More the changes will be there, more will be the good output because when the work is done after full satisfaction, the output is automatically worth accepting by the focus groups. The focus groups are fully equipped and it helps the clients to make better decisions.

The dynamism and the instant changes help in deriving what actually is thought to get at the end of the day. When the stern rules are there, it becomes impossible to make changes as per the wishes but when there is no restriction, it becomes easy for making amendments even at the end moment.

So, this way not just the client gets happy but also the results are delivered to the client as expected. As the focus groups are properly equipped it enables the clients to observe the discussions in order to get good results. Not just this, the clients also get a chance to understand the proper research process and its findings. Apart from this, the quality helps in controlling the whole process which is beneficial for the company itself.

As said the process of working by the focus group members is very flexible, it helps in providing some of the gestures which give the clients proper insights of the research process. In short, it makes the whole process a transparent procedure as the clients get an opportunity to look into the matter in a proper and detailed manner. The focus groups provide insights about the current position of the company in the market. This helps in building credibility and also the trust level among the clients.

The end-user and other needs of the company are addressed easily as the focus groups usually provide immediate insights and change whenever required in case of emergency. The reaction of the customers can easily be measured. Not just this, the reaction of the customer to the design, packaging and the other factors can also be noted easily. Due to its transparency, it is possible otherwise, it might not have been possible for the companies to make it done. If the focus groups provide advantages, it also provides some of the disadvantages.

Some of the focus groups disadvantages are. As said the discussions are controlled by the moderator. The level of control depends on his or her experience in the field. In case the moderator is not experienced, he or she might face problems as the other people in the group might dominate him. So, this is one of the disadvantage of the focus group. Sometimes the respondents are not ready to discuss some of the sensitive issues or the ideas which may concern the public.

So, this way the discussions get a halt and at times the discussions are not open. The discussion gets restricted and reserved which is not good for the output of the end product or even for the image of the company in the market. With the Heterogeneity of the individuals and also the small sample size, the discussions get restricted. Less people in a group, less ideas and opinions are generated.

So, this way the group findings are not enough to form the final projections. Also, the discussions at times take a different route as they are not formal and naturally flow in a direction. More the respondents, more the ideas and opinions come forward and only this helps in bringing the new ideas and compete in the market with the competitors.

Although the set up is natural yet many times the respondents fail to express naturally. At times the focus group can be unnatural and due to this, the findings may be far from the natural response which directly affects the end product of the company. The members may fail to express their natural opinions or the personal choices related to the topic in the hand or going during the discussions. The members in the group may be hesitant to speak up openly. This usually happens when the thoughts of another person go against to what their views are.

So, this also forms one of the disadvantages. The depth of the issue is not covered at times. This way the research on a particular product or the service goes in vain as it is not in-depth. Not just this, if we compare the other surveys or the methods, the focus group method is more expensive to execute. This is because each participant has to compensate some amount.

So this also forms one of the disadvantage of the focus group. The whole role is in the hand of the moderator. The moderators at times greatly impact the real outcomes. They may inject personal decisions or the personal biases which is not healthy decision for the company.

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Focus Group Advantages and Disadvantages

Focus groups provide a qualitative method of data collection. It functions with the help of a skilled moderator who facilitates a discussion with a small, selected group of participants for a specific amount of time. Most focus groups involve between respondents with a discussion that will last for hours per session. In-person focus groups usually gather around a table. Observers from the strategy team then sit behind a one-way mirror or in the back of the room to take notes. It is not unusual for the discussion to be recorded for later review to ensure all useful information was gleaned from the topic. Several focus group advantages and disadvantages are worth considering if a business has a new concept that it wants to bring to the marketplace.

Focus group usually refer to a group of 10 or fewer volunteers who gather to discuss a particular product or idea. The market research firm will ask them a series of questions or give them a product to try, after which they freely share their opinions, ideas and reactions. All their responses are viewed and studied to measure the likely reaction of the larger market population. Focus groups are usually tools used by the advertising industry to measure the potential impact of a new product. A focus group is a useful method that can be used to measure the reaction of customers to your new product or company strategies. Focus groups usually provide immediate ideas for the improvement of particular products or concepts. They also help identify the product requirements of the end-user as well as other needs not addressed by the company and its competitors.

Stimulation of new ideas, flexibility in the questions asked, and enhanced opinions are among the many advantages of conducting qualitative research. In group discussions, respondents are able to discuss their preexisting ideas as well as provide feedback on new information mentioned by fellow group mates. Advantages of Focus Group Discussions include the following:. Clients can contact us for guidelines and safety measures by emailing us at research sisinternational. Advantages of Focus Groups. Methodologies such as Focus Groups allow for rich discussion and probing, which is unmatched in quantitative research.

Focus groups provide a qualitative method of data collection. It functions with the help of a skilled moderator who facilitates a discussion with a.

Advantages and disadvantages of focus groups

In your practice you have 40 patients with type 2 diabetes who are also obese. You have counseled them extensively regarding diet and exercise. You have shared your frustration with your colleagues and have discovered that they are similarly frustrated. Realizing that this problem is bigger than you thought, you decide to study it further. You make plans to invite patients to attend a focus group that you will moderate.

Focus groups are one of the most effective and popular market research methods available. Used to gather qualitative data and in-depth insights, they enable researchers to collect information on anything from products and services to beliefs and perceptions in order to reveal true customer attitudes and opinions. A typical focus group usually involves six to 10 respondents brought together with a trained moderator to take part in a planned discussion.

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17 Advantages and Disadvantages of a Focus Group

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Advantages & Disadvantages of a Focus Group

Disadvantages of online focus group

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Advantages of Focus Groups

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