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Natural And Anthropogenic Causes Of Climate Change Pdf

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Scientific consensus on climate change

Not a MyNAP member yet? Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. Research has also evaluated actions that could be taken—and in some cases are already being taken—to limit the magnitude of future climate change and adapt to its impacts. In the United States, a series of reports by the U. Internationally, scientific information about climate change is periodically assessed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC , most recently in Much has been learned, and this knowledge base is continuously being updated and expanded with new research results. Our assessment of the current state of knowledge about global climate change, which is summarized in this chapter and described in detail in Part II of the report, leads to the following conclusion.

Author contributions: F. The rate of change of climate codetermines the global warming impacts on natural and socioeconomic systems and their capabilities to adapt. Establishing past rates of climate change from temperature proxy data remains difficult given their limited spatiotemporal resolution. In contrast, past greenhouse gas radiative forcing, causing climate to change, is well known from ice cores. We compare rates of change of anthropogenic forcing with rates of natural greenhouse gas forcing since the Last Glacial Maximum and of solar and volcanic forcing of the last millennium. The smoothing of atmospheric variations by the enclosure process of air into ice is computed with a firn diffusion and enclosure model. The 20th century increase in CO 2 and its radiative forcing occurred more than an order of magnitude faster than any sustained change during the past 22, years.

Determining the human contribution to observed variations in Earth's climate is made more difficult by the fact that the climate system also varies naturally, due to interactions of different parts of the atmosphere with each other and with the underlying oceans. These natural variations exist on time scales of several years to decades. The shorter the time span of the data record, the more difficult it is to separate systematic changes due to human activities such as greenhouse gas emissions and the production of aerosol particles from natural variations. Figure 1. The brown triangles show the temperature variations when the ENSO effect is subtracted from the original data. The red squares show the portion of the remaining variation that is associated with the long-term global warming trend in the GISTEMP data, and the green circles show the corresponding long-term global warming trend in the ERSST data.

15.5: Anthropogenic Causes of Climate Change

Climate in a wider sense is the state, including a statistical description, of the climate system. Climate Variability is defined as variations in the mean state and other statistics of the climate on all temporal and spatial scales, beyond individual weather events. The term "Climate Variability" is often used to denote deviations of climatic statistics over a given period of time e. Climate variability is measured by these deviations, which are usually termed anomalies. Variability may be due to natural internal processes within the climate system internal variability , or to variations in natural or anthropogenic external factors external variability.

Jump to navigation. Record floods. Raging storms. Deadly heat. The term climate refers to the general weather conditions of a place over many years. Climate change is a significant variation of average weather conditions—say, conditions becoming warmer, wetter, or drier—over several decades or more.

Previous workers have examined atmospheric vertical temperature and report anthropogenic influence on climate. However, none of these considered the influence of natural forcing factors which may have been an influence on surface temperatures. Two issues are addressed here. Firstly, whether the observed tropospheric warming might be explained by solar forcing and the observed stratospheric cooling by the effects of ozone depletion. Secondly, whether greenhouse gases and sulphate aerosols provide a complete explanation of observed changes. In this paper, the method of optimal fingerprinting is employed to show that previous results of greenhouse gas influence on temperature are robust to the inclusion of solar forcing. We also show, in a diagnostic tailored for the year solar cycle, that we can detect the influence of the solar cycle in recent vertical temperature structure and that the HadCM2 GCM may be underestimating the amplitude of the solar signal by a factor of 2 to 3.

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As shown in the previous section, prehistoric changes in climate have been very slow. Climate changes typically occur slowly over many millions of years. The climate changes observed today are rapid and largely human-caused. Evidence shows that climate is changing, but what is causing that change?

Global Climate Change: What You Need to Know

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Rates of change in natural and anthropogenic radiative forcing over the past 20,000 years

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What is the difference between global warming and climate change?

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