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What's the difference between a data mart and a data warehouse? And, are data marts still relevant in today's cloud-first world? Let's dive into the definitions of data marts and data warehouses, the use cases for both, and the role of data marts in today's cloud ecosystem.

The data mart is a subset of the data warehouse and is usually oriented to a specific business line or team.

Click to learn more about author Gilad David Maayan. When an enterprise takes its first major steps towards implementing Business Intelligence BI strategies and technologies, one of the first things that needs clarifying is the difference between a Data Mart vs. Understanding this difference dictates your approach to BI architecture and data-driven […].

Data Mart vs. Data Warehouse

Click to learn more about author Gilad David Maayan. When an enterprise takes its first major steps towards implementing Business Intelligence BI strategies and technologies, one of the first things that needs clarifying is the difference between a Data Mart vs.

Understanding this difference dictates your approach to BI architecture and data-driven […]. Understanding this difference dictates your approach to BI architecture and data-driven decision making. The goal of BI is to use technology to transform data into actionable insights and help end users make more informed business decisions, whether tactical or strategic in nature.

This article clearly defines both of these important terms before elaborating on their respective use cases and architectural features. A Data Mart is a subject-oriented data repository that serves a specific line of business, such as finance or sales. The following are some important distinguishing features of a Data Mart:. A Data Warehouse is an enterprise-wide repository of integrated data from disparate business sources, systems, and departments.

For more details, see this article on types of a Data Warehouse. The importance of differentiating between Data Marts and Data Warehouses has its roots in an ongoing debate between two contrasting data modeling approaches by Data Warehouse pioneers, Bill Inmon and Ralph Kimball. Ralph Kimball argues that the best approach is to begin with the most important business aspects or departments, from which Data Marts oriented to specific lines of business emerge.

Over time, enterprises can merge their Data Marts to form a Data Warehouse as required. Bill Inmon argues that merely combining Data Marts is not enough. Inmon advocates for the creation of a Data Warehouse as the physical representation of a corporate data model from which Data Marts can be created for specific business units as needed.

Each approach has its merits, and a number of factors influence whether you should start with Data Marts vs. For example, an insurance company clearly needs a high-level overview from the outset, incorporating all factors that affect its business model and strategic choices, including demographics, stock market trends, claim histories, statistical probabilities, etc. For a small to medium-sized marketing business, it makes sense to start with a Data Mart. If that business expands to include multiple sub-divisions and lines of business, it can combine its Data Marts for each business line into a Data Warehouse later on, as per the Kimball approach.

Most databases are normalized , which means they are optimized for faster transaction times, such as adding or deleting data. Normalization works by reorganizing data so that it contains no redundant data and separating related data into tables with joins between tables that specify relationships. An important concept is extract, transform, and load ETL. ETL extracts data from several sources, transforms the data to meet business needs using certain business rules, and finally loads writes data into a target system.

If you take the Kimball approach and begin with Data Marts, you simply write data from relevant source systems into appropriate Data Marts before performing ETL processes to create the Data Warehouse from your Data Marts. Due to time constraints and resources, it usually makes sense for all but the most established enterprises to start with Data Marts and develop a Data Warehouse over time. However, Cloud Computing has shortened the time and reduced the cost of building an enterprise Data Warehouse, which can provide access to a single view of truth over organizational data.

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Data warehouse vs. data mart: a comparison

Data warehouse and Data mart are used as a data repository and serve the same purpose. These can be differentiated through the quantity of data or information they stores. The vital difference between a data warehouse and a data mart is that a data warehouse is a database that stores information-oriented to satisfy decision-making requests whereas data mart is complete logical subsets of an entire data warehouse. In simple words, a data mart is a data warehouse limited in scope and whose data can be obtained through summarizing and selecting the data from the data warehouse or with the help of distinct extract, transform and load processes from source data system. Data mart are specific to decision support system application.

A Data Warehouse collects and manages data from varied sources to provide meaningful business insights. It is a collection of data which is separate from the operational systems and supports the decision making of the company. In Data Warehouse data is stored from a historical perspective. The data in the warehouse is extracted from multiple functional units. It is checked, cleansed and then integrated with Data warehouse system. Data warehouse used a very fast computer system having large storage capacity.

The difference between the data warehouse and data mart can be confusing because the two terms are sometimes used incorrectly as synonyms. Here is the basic difference between data warehouses and data marts. Generally, a data mart can be thought of as a subset of a data warehouse. The data mart is a storehouse of data that is meant to serve a specific community and is designed to meet the needs of a specific group of users. Because data marts are optimized to look at data in a unique way, the design process tends to start with an analysis of user needs. Data marts are usually controlled by a single department of an organization like sales, finance, etc.

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Difference Between Data Warehouse and Data Mart

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The Difference Between Data Warehouses and Data Marts

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