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Desktop publishing, sometimes abbreviated as DTP, is a technique for preparing and printing professional quality products using microcomputers, software, and printers. Articles on the subject, presumably by authors who haven't tried to use the technique, still occasionally suggest that DTP is easy, fast, and cheap. Unless the product is a one-page flyer announcing a gutter-cleaning special, DTP is none of those things.

Digital Desktop Publishing Glossary Part 1

Since Commerial Printing is constidered an Essential Business , all of our locations are operating, and orders are shipping on time. Please Note: Many of the following terms refer to equipment, processes and techniques that have been replaced with modern technology. Most modern commercial printing plants use an all-digital workflow, from prepress to plating. No mechanical artwork or film is used in the production of the printing. Each panel of the accordion fold is the same size.

Children collect and write their own stories, take digital photographs and use desktop publishing to produce the magazine. Home Dictionary Meanings Desktop-publishing. Desktop-publishing meaning. The design and production of publications using personal computers with graphics capability. Using a desktop computer to produce high-quality printed output or camera-ready output for commercial printing.

Nicole Piazza, Sales Coordinator. What is Desktop Publishing? DTP At its most basic level, the definition of desktop publishing commonly known as DTP is the practice of laying out pages on a computer. Think of a typical brochure or a page from a magazine: there might be several columns and images; multiple fonts; and various other boxes, shapes, and icons that give the finished product its professional look. A desktop publisher is the person who uses any of the above software to create layouts. Translating a document often involves more than just the act of translation.

Desktop publishing

Desktop publishing DTP is the creation of documents using page layout software on a personal "desktop" computer. It was first used almost exclusively for print publications, but now it also assists in the creation of various forms of online content. Desktop publishing is also the main reference for digital typography. This technology allows individuals, businesses, and other organizations to self-publish a wide variety of content, from menus to magazines to books, without the expense of commercial printing. Desktop publishing often requires the use of a personal computer and WYSIWYG page layout software to create documents for either large-scale publishing or small-scale local multifunction peripheral output and distribution — although a non-WYSIWYG system such as LaTeX could also be used for the creation of highly structured and technically demanding documents as well. However, word processing software has evolved to include most, if not all, capabilities previously available only with professional printing or desktop publishing.

Desktop publishing and how it can be used to produce documents are described: document design including the intended market, planning and designing the page. The principles of design are reviewed together with the use of multiple columns, margins and house style. How text and graphics are prepared and incorporated into a document and how the final document should be produced are further described. Corbitt, T. Report bugs here.

Acrobat Reader Acrobat Reader is software that can be downloaded without cost. Additive color Additive color is one that becomes white when all colors have been added. Adjustment layer An adjustment layer is a special layer that allows you to modify image adjustments such as levels and contrast. Alignment Alignment is the placement of text or graphics on a line. The placement can be to the right, to the left, or centered. Alpha channel An alpha channel is a special channel used to store masks. Analogous colors Analogous colors are those that are near each other on a color wheel.

Blurb Short (no more than words) description of a book or periodical, usually on inserted into desktop publishing files. To view a file in PDF format, enabling the definition, transmission, validation and interpretation of data between.

Desktop publishing terms – a glossary

Glossary [ Back to DTP Page ] Audience - is the group of people your graphic design is going to be used to inform, persuade, educate or even entertain. Clipart — artwork found in a book that could be clipped out and used in your publication. Today it is usually sold as electronic artwork files that can be placed into your publication.

What is desktop publishing? We have probably all heard of it, but what is it exactly? Desktop publishing is the production of page designs with your computer using a special DTP software that integrates text and images. The first DTP software was released in the mids and desktop-publishing skyrocket from there. In the early 90s desktop publishing had almost completely replaced previous technologies used for that purpose.

Attributes Attributes are the stylistic properties of an object.

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Desktop Publishing

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